Prep and Landing


Our playroom turned into packing room in the final few days--yes all of that stuff was to be packed into suitcases

Packing for a four month stay with two kiddos, two senior citizens and a mom is not a small task. Preparing to leave two days after Christmas is a bit insane. I finished Christmas prep last Friday and I’ve been in full blown India prep since (when I’m not grading papers and finishing up a few articles). Tasks in the past few days of tasks have included:
-Buying and organizing two tubs of food
-Having the kiddos try on all of the clothes in their closets to see what fits and what they are willing to wear
-Printing out every important document I might need since I will not have Internet while traveling and when we first get there
-Getting a notarized letter that declares that Todd knows that the kids are traveling internationally without him.
-Purchasing $450 in malaria and typhoid meds
-Making final doctor and haircut appointments for all
– Canceling papers, magazines, gym memberships, parking passes, etc.
-Configuring VPN on all i-touches, laptops and iPads to be able to access Netflix and hulu plus while we are abroad.
-Selecting paint colors for four rooms (to be completed while we are gone).
-Arranging meetings with teachers to discuss missed schoolwork.
-Shipping books to India via diplomatic pouch
-Helping my parents get their house ready to rent while we are away.
-Organizing going away parties for both kiddos–laser tag for the seven year old boy and an “almost” sleep over for the 10 year old girl
And so on, and so on, and so on. Count down…Two weeks!

Food prep!
Staging area for suitcase planning

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  1. OMG woman!! Good luck! Good luck!! Good luck!!! I’m sending low stress vibes, patient thoughts & good juju your way ;D That will be a fantastically awesome adventure!! You’re gonna have SO much fun!

  2. Now that brings back memories, although I didn’t have to do it with kids! It sounds like you’ve got it all under control though.

  3. I am so excited for you guys! 4 months is really not that long, time will fly by. I am so happy to be able to follow your adventures here. Please post often!

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