Hotel living and eating


We are staying at the hotel called the Lemon Tree. The lobby smells like lemon pledge and has a Christmas tree with hot pink presents below it. It is a very fancy hotel and was built just last year. The rooms are very spacious for Indian standards and everything is brand new. The beds are firm and very comfortable and the rooms are very quiet.It’s quite a fancy place to stay, but Mom and Ran wanted to be sure we eased into this India adventure. Imagequite

The pool looks great by a typhoon in East India has made for cloudy skies and unusually cool temperatures. The kids tried to jump in the water yesterday but only lasted about two minutes. The rooms overlook a beautiful lake where tonight we saw lots of rowing/crew boats getting some training in.

The room has a very strange feature though. The bathroom and main sleeping area share a wall, which they decided to make frosted glass. So when you are taking a shower, you are in full view of the entire room. Through the shower, you can also see the rest of the bathroom and anything anyone might be doing in there. Also when sleeping at night, if you turn on a light in the bathroom, it shines like a spotlight in your eyes as you are lying in the bed. We have hung towels and lungis on the windows in our two rooms to create some privacy. Very strange design choice indeed.

The kids love the pool, although today was the first day in which it was hot enough to swim but the water was still too cold.

They also love riding the elevator and jumping just before it stops so that it feels like they are leaping really high. The grandparents are not happy with the jumping in the elevator!

The property is gated and has paid security at the entrance. They check every car for bombs and you must pass through a metal detector to enter the building. All bags are also sent through a scanner, including all of our luggage. This photo is Kaden with the security guard. You see these costumes all about India. Apparently they are related to the outfits worn by guards during British rule.


For breakfast, there is a wonderful buffet complete with Indian and Continental food alike.

The kids love the fresh fruit (only fruit with a rind is safe–watermelon, papaya, oranges, bananas).
I am really enjoying this spongy, rise based muffin/bread called Vatteappam,

which is really good with the mint chutney.

Carson enjoys a donut and hard-boiled egg each morning. Kaden likes the wheat toast. I love the eggs cooked to order and especially the scrambled eggs with Indian spices.

Lots of strange spreads for the toast, but no peanut butter. I have to bring it down from the room to help Kaden get her quota of protein for the day!

We are being very vigilant regarding eating habits in hopes of avoiding the Dehli belly—nastiness from stomach bugs. We are trying to drink liquids only out of bottles, never getting ice, using lots of hand sanitizer. Plus, my chiropractor recommended that we take ground organic cloves (placed into the pill casings) once a day to ward off microbes. That is apparently why they have been used in hams forever—it keeps the ham from spoiling. Two days and so far so good. Fingers crossed we can keep up our vigilance.


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  1. Hi Dana,
    I am enjoying your blog very much. I am jealous of your menu choices. Tell the kids that the elevator probably has a “slack cable detector” that will activate the emergency stop when they jump.
    Then they will be stuck between floors. Happy New Year to your family.
    Papa Joe

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