Play dates


On Friday after school, Kaden brought her friend Airie home with her. Airie is from Tokyo, Japan. I realized that attending an independent school means that friends live all over the city! And that was the case here. The logistics of having a play date are far more complicated. I figured stalking the mother after school might be the easiest plan, and it worked out. Kaden was desperate for a play date and given that we are still figuring out our driver situation, bringing Airie home with us seemed to be the only solution. What the mother ended up suggesting was to have her driver follow our driver home so that they would know where to find us later that day. Then the driver only came to pick up Airie a while later. The girls had fun playing in Kaden’s room, swimming in the pool, and then practicing their Bollywood dancing steps.

If you don’t know what Bollywood dancing is, you are missing out. Here is a link

Airie taught Kaden some more moves. Here are some photos of their exhibition in our dining room!



It’s interesting coming to India. I in part wanted to bring the kids here so that they could understand what poverty really looks like, but in a lot of ways they are learning about what privilege looks like. The gap between the have and have-nots is so great. And we have to separate ourselves much more here in some ways, or at least it is more obvious. Gated communities, drivers, servants, private schools (there aren’t any public schools, really). So in teaching about diversity and about disparity, they are learning bout wealth. Quite the paradox!

Meanwhile, Carson continues to play with his new from Aryaman who is seven and lives just across the courtyard. His dad is a management consultant who travels all around the world and spent the last year in Singapore, coming home once every other week. Anuman and Carson really enjoy playing soccer and cricket together in the courtyard, well into the dark! And also climbing on the playground equipment. Carson comes home from such adventures quite exhausted and ready to sit still awhile, which is a great side benefit.



Notice the difference in clothing in the above photos. It has been unseasonably cool here–70s during the day and 50s at night. The locals here are freezing, but it feels great to us!

By the way, Carson scored 11 out of 12 on that spelling test (only misspelling “naughty” of all words). His score was the highest in his class! And just now he was sitting in bed next to me reading the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid silently while I blog. Who is this kid anyway?

   Our community at night, but it is actually a lot brighter than it looks here.


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