Headin’ to Sankey Tank


After the kids came home from school, we headed out on an outing. Todd had been home all day while I was out doing fieldwork and we needed to give him a taste of India! First stop–the Malleswaram shopping district. Recommended in my ex-pat guidebook, the shopping area had nice sidewalks and both permanent shops plus street vendors.


I found an Indian top for the equivalent of $4. Kaden and I used the camera as a mirror since we couldn’t see how we looked. Me-yes on the top for wandering about India. Kaden–no on the stripes.


Carson found a cricket bat.

Todd found ground coffee. Love this picture below. The kids are comparing who has the bigger “Litzinger chin dimple” while Todd buys some local Coorg coffee in the background.


Anyone know what this fruit is? I’m not sure.

Then we headed to Sankey Tank. It’s an awful name for one of the most beautiful place in Bangalore–a lovely body of water surrounded by a walking path. Like many parks, it is not open all the time and not even mid day. It is saved for the serious walks who arrive early in the morning and later in the evening. The rest of the day the park is closed–even on Saturdays! Thus our first attempts to visit were thwarted by the restricted hours. Today we brought the kids’ scooters and set off for a stroll.



On the way back, we stopped for McDonalds fries and nuggets and some Baskin and Robbins ice cream. Todd said he wanted peanut butter cup ice cream and I had to explain that peanut butter is a flavor that one only finds in the United States. It is a weird, acquired taste that most of the rest of the world thinks is quite gross! You can buy peanut butter here in ex-pat friendly stores, but you won’t find it in restaurants.

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  1. Cool Indian clothes, Dana! Looks like you & the kids are having fun with Todd. These blog posts are endlessly interesting, keep them up! This is a wonderful opportunity for us friends at home to learn much about India from your insider’s perspective. By the way, I loved the butter Ganesh! Miss you.

  2. hi its Chrissy and Lauren,
    Looks fun! Lauren says stripes look good! She also says Carson has the bigger dimple.
    Today I saw a woman riding her bike and I swear she is your twin – I also keep thinking I see your van around town – miss you all!

  3. Is the fruit a durian? Did they stink when they’re cut open? Durians are these really stinky fruits that are grown in south Asia. Supposedly, they smell so bad that its illegal to open them in some places. Also, most Americans think the taste is repulsive. I’ve heard them described as tasting like creamy rotting onions. Anyway, that’s what they look like to me.

  4. The fruit is called Jackfruit and yes it has a very strong smell – considered a delicacy, it definitely is an acquired taste. I can’t stand the stuff but my husband loves it!

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