Favorite snacks


I have discovered Chat. Love it. Chats and Sweets is a common sign that you see on roadside corner. Chats are more savory snacks, like samosas, fried foots, and the chaat that I like which is Bhel Puri. I hadn’t had any before because I can’t eat at those roadside stands without fear of getting sick. But I visited my friend Meena’s apartment after yoga last week and she had her cook mix up some Chai and Chaat for us. It was delicious. You throw all of the grains and sauces from the mix together with tomatoes, cilantro, and red onion. I made it last night and Todd and I had so much, we just called it dinner for the night!


We are also such a huge fan of the mint chutney that we are putting on everything these days. Here’s a slice of Sbarro pizza that Todd got at the Mantri Mall the other day–and he smothered it with chutney!

Kaden has not added many (any?) foods to her repertoire here. In this photo she is giving thanks to the portable packets of Heinz ketchup that we bring when we travel. Heinz ketchup is a way we can get her to eat rice. We took this photo because we are thinking of sending it to Heinz as a testimonial of her loyalty to the product!

The kids and I are also starting our list of foods we will miss when we leave. For me these will include mint chutney, murgh chicken on the tandoor, fresh naan, and the drink “fresh lime soda sweet.” And I will miss getting served Chai absolutely everywhere. In china cups at fancy restaurants, in little tin cups at schools, in paper cups by shop keepers. Always with steamed milk and sugar. Bliss. Below is chai served in a paper cup with “high tea” at the water park!

Kaden will miss the frozen hash browns and Baskin and Robbins Ice Cream. Carson will miss the fresh lime as well.

And foods we can’t wait to eat when we get back:

Kaden: frozen buttermilk pancakes

Carson: Pretzels

Me:  medium rare steak salad with feta cheese, balsalmic vinegar and spring greens

Todd:  hot beef from Maple Restaurant in Ambridge

We also have agreed that our first restaurant stop will be the Waffle Shop, unless we go to get ice cream first. We are undecided if we would go to the Creamery or Meyer Dairy first.

In other very random news, our apartment community put together a testimonial about the place and we are featured in it. (click to see link)  I was a captive audience in the swimming pool–hard to say no. I am thus sporting my oh-so-fashionable swimming outfit. My yoga friends say I should start wearing my one piece suit. People will stare anyway. Might as well be comfortable. Apparently everyone here also always wears a swim cap to swim.  I’m just not willing to go there!

And lastly, I am falling in love with some of the street dogs. Really want to take one home with me. Seriously. But apparently they are almost impossible to train. If you live on the street, you survive if you are independent and strong willed I guess!

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