Ananya birthday celebration


I was invited to the 14th birthday celebration of Ananya School.  And just a reminder, if you had thought about donating to Ananya after reading my previous blog, you still can. Just click on this link.  The celebration included a slideshow, two plays, and then snacks.

The first play (below, left) was the  Wizard of Oz. The second (below, right) was a Kanada folk dance.


Shashi Rao, founder of the school, said some words to everyone when the plays were finished.

After that, Lokesh asked to use my camera. He was dressed up as a monkey (including facial makeup)  for the play and it suited his personality perfectly. He took over 200 shots of the event. It was great fun following him around the campus. Below, he provided a self portraits (left). On the right, I took a photo of him by some of his schoolwork.


Below, he took some photos of students and teaches in the open air classrooms.


As a part of the entrepreneurial coursework helping the older children to support themselves through selling things in the informal sector, the students sold earrings, fancy envelopes and decorated coconut shells. (see below)


Lokesh also climbed a tree to pick me the perfect mud apple–called a Chickoo in Hindi or a Sapota in Kanada. They were delicious–tasted like baked apple pie!


The snacks at the end consisted of muffins, samosas, cold buttermilk, and cake.



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