BBQ expat style


We had a lovely afternoon today on the rooftop terrace of one of my yoga mama friends. TGoing to an international school where folks travel from all around the city, it is a rare treat to get together with a large group of friends.

We had BEEF burgers and steak, a huge SALAD, tzatziki sauce, delicious drinks. A really nice vacation from typical meals in Bangalore.

The kids had a ball playing with friends from school.Here is the boys table.


Kaden was having fun with the girls enjoying all of the channels on the TV–quite a change from our handful of channels on our set. Here she was watching the best waterparks in the U.S. and planning our next vacation with her good friend Kaya.  Carson was having a shoot ’em up game with his new friend.


While we chatted about silly things, we also had a fascinating conversations about ethnicity. We talked about the distinctions within the Indian culture among darker and lighter Indian people and how much this is emphasized and discussed, much like in the African-American community back home.

The discussions also got me thinking about identity. This was really a global group. Among the couples present, one couple was one Greek person, one American. Another couple was one Australian and one German. Another couple was Trinidadian and Indian-Canadian And on and on.One family is moving to Northern California this summer. Another to Germany. Another to Toronto.  I posted on Facebook that Kaden asked me, “If I am 25% German, 25% Portuguese, 40% Polish and 10% Croatian, then what part is American?” Add in spending more time among Indian cultural events than most other cultures back home. And then if you layer on top living in yet a different country for years at a time really makes you a citizen of the world.

On another note, I am happy to report that the package sent by Todd’s parents finally arrived to us–a good month after they sent it. This package had a much smaller hole in it, but it appeared the animal (a rodent perhaps?) got in there much better than the dog the last time. All of the food was nibbled aside from one bag of gold fish crackers and a Reese Cup. Thankfully the clothes and toys and jewelry were spared!  Doesn’t this package look like it has been through hell and back?

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