Budding scientists show their stuff at the CIS Science Fair


Both kids proudly displayed their projects for the CIS science fair, which took place in the school hallways on a hot Friday afternoon. Today was “dress up, dress down day” so few kids were sporting their spiffy red and blue uniforms.

Kaden had been working for several weeks on her human eye display. She teamed up with her German classmate, Elena. Their display included a survey of eye color, a model of the human eye, and guessing game with the answers hidden behind little doors. Kaden LOVED working on this hands on project and was very proud of her work.



Kaden’s teacher, Miss Elizabeth James, is very sad that Kaden will be leaving soon!  With a few other kiddos leaving ass well, the class will be down to 10 students!

I got to sneak a peak at some of Kaden’s other work, including her polar biome project (far right in the left picture) and some work on angles for math class.


The second graders displayed a series of science experiments that they had conducted as a class. Groups of kiddos were in charge of individual experiments. Carson was partnered with Kosei and Raina  to share a neat way to get water clean with a string and gravity.


Carson’s teacher said that he LOVED doing the experiments in class, but he was a bit reluctant to present the information during the fair!


The kiddos had to fill out a log and document all of their experiments throughout the week.


I also snuck a look at some of Carson’s poetry on display in the class.

It was fun visiting all of the booths and learning more about the experiments. Below, Carson’s friend Gabriel gives an animated discussion of why things sink or float. And to the right, Kaden’s dear Danish friend Esther and Manisa (who recently moved to Bangalore from Massachusetts) demonstrate how sound waves travel.


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  1. I am finally caught up on your blog. It is fascinating to hear of all of your adventures. You HAVE to make the blog into a book, when you get home!!

  2. I am finally caught up on your blog. It is fascinating to learn about all of your adventures! You HAVE to make your blog into a book, when you get home!!

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