Norwegian death metal meets Indian classical dance


Mom and I took the kids to a most unusual musical performance on a Sunday evening. But first we had a lovely dinner at an outdoor cafe in UB City called Cafe Noir. It felt like we were in Paris. Delicious pommes frites, omlettes, quiches, and fancy bubbly mocktails.


On the way to the concert, Kaden insisted she didn’t feel well and wanted to go home. The nightly swimming plan with friends awaited, I think. She perked right up at the concert, but all the way to the auditorium, she insisted on wearing a plastic bag around her ears–just in case she might be sick.

Then it was off to the show, called Questionings. The show was a fusion of Norwegian death metal and Indian classical dance.

The performance took place in Chowdiah Memorial Hall, a concert hall shaped like a violin.

Inside about 200 people attended this free show.  Choreographed by an Indian dancer, the stage included a tabla player and another Indian drum player, the full Norwegian death metal band including three guitar players and a shirtless drummer all dressed in black, plus three Indian dancers. Two of the Indian dancers mainly spun in circles–amazingly so. Sometimes 25, thirty times in time with the music. They all had bells on their feet and their movements were entrancing.

I took some videos of the evening to try to capture what it was like. The first video shows the spinning of the dancers to tabla music. The tabla player is shouting out the notes and rhythms that he is playing. That kind of rap, almost, is used to demonstrate how tabla playing works but does not usually happen in performances.

The second video shows the main dancer with the death metal dancers around her and also pans out to show the tabla players as well.

The kids loved the show, although it was so loud we had to stuff cotton in our ears. Carson was bouncing his legs and nodding his head to the metal music. Kaden was entranced by the dancing.


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