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Finding Tibet in Southern India


After the elephant experience, we had enough time to stop in ByalKuppe (Bailkoppa), located near Kushalnagar. It is the second largest Tibetan settlement outside of Tibet (I am assuming after Dharamsala). There are over 7,000 monks and students at the Tibetan monastery, which was established in 1972 after Chinese took over Tibet.


It was very cool—especially to see the little monks themselves. We saw them chanting prayers  (as did many others!).

Here are two You tube video of the monks from this monastery chanting. I didn’t take these videos, but I could have. Very similar scenes! The second video has the big drum that we heard. Carson found the loud drum to be way too loud!




We saw them selling souvenirs, preparing candles for worship, walking about. We even saw them playing cricket!

I saw a really little monk with two of his friends and asked him his age. I held up fingers. His friend seemed to know the word age and they said, “13!” I pointed to Carson and said 7! And Kaden and said 10! Both of my kiddos were much taller than he was. His friends and he got a big chuckle about that. It was fun to talk to those boys!


We saw lots of prayer flags around the beautiful campus. Each of the papers has a prayer written on it. The close up shows what the prayers look like.



  Yes, that’s a turkey walking around!

It was great to spend some time in the  beautiful and calming monastery grounds because after that it was time for a five hour drive back to Bangalore. I wasn’t really ready to return to the realities of life!