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Final shopping marathon on Commercial Street and beyond.


Mom and I set out to finish our shopping in what turned out to be a marathon day. We were out there so long that driving into town I texted good night to Todd. By the time we returned home, he had slept through the night, gotten showered, and had gone into work.

First stop: Safina Plaza for some fabrics and pillow covers.

Second stop: Dispensary Road, to our tried and trusted cranky lady to get some  ultra soft linens with elephants!

Time then for me to hit Commercial Street and stock up on some bangles.

While I am still not a professional bargainer like some of my friends, I did succeed with a new technique. I talked one guy down to his lowest price, then walked across the street and said to the next guy, “That guy will give me xxx rupees, what will you give?  (but I really said less than what the first said).” Was the most effortless bargaining of the day.


After a brief respite at KFC in the air conditioning and stop in Fab India, we discovered this lovely gem of a store called Kasmir House. Actually it is three shops–two brothers and a son. Each shop is more like a closet. But great prices and amazing treasures. We were bad. Very bad in this store. So many things to buy.

Then down the road to my favorite fixed price man. His prices are so reasonable and he is so cute. And he puts bubble wrap on everything. And I mean everything.

He even sent us down the alleyway to find even more bubble wrap to bring home for packing up!  That was a lot of bubble wrap mom was viewing!

On the way home, we stopped at Bamburi’s to get the best beef in town and some darned good looking eggs. Plus Swensen’s for ice cream, Reliance for veggies, and then to a tailors. For $4, I got three shirts altered.

Two days later, Kaden and I had our own final celebration–getting a little India bling on our toes!

And on a commercial note, I finally figured out why my cell phone plays this Kannada song. For four months, it has been playing the same song. I have no idea what song because I never call myself. But at this point my mom can sing it by heart even though none of us know what it says. Turns out the messages I have been getting for my HT service weren’t related to texting as I thought. Instead it was the monthly renewal of my Happy Tunes service! Rs 30 a month!

And on a second random note on commercialization in India, I am completely amused by the Disney channel in India. They have turned all of the popular Disney Tween shows into Hindi shows here in India. The other night Kaden was watching “Best of Luck, Nikki” in Hindi with no subtitles, and she was able not only to tell me exactly what had happened so far, but started eerily predicting what would happen next on the screen. Turns out the show is an exact knockoff of the show “Good Luck, Charlie.” Kaden knows the show so well that she was able to share with me that the exact storyline was repeated on this Indian show. So exact that Kaden would say things like, “Now a girl is going to come around the  corner. Next a stuffed dinosaur will fall out of the air.” It’s not the only show that has been adapted to a Hindi format. “Suite Life with Zack and Cody” is “Suite Life of Karan and Kabir.”  Of course, the sociologist in me is fascinated to learn what they changed on these shows. With the attempt to make such a parallel formula–what was perceived as not funny or not appropriate for Indian audiences?


McBangalore and longing for a Target


It was a day of consumerism. We need to furnish our apartment and have to buy everything from pots and pans to a hair dyer to bed spreads to silverware. Oh how I was longing for a Target or Walmart where we could get everything in one place.

Mom was very delighted with three bedspreads that we purchased at a Rajasthani shop–all with elephants. It took a good hour with pulling down all kinds of fabrics. We did pretty good on the haggling though. We threatened to leave twice and finally got her down to a good price!

We also found a kitchen store where we bought plates, silverware, spatulas, mugs, etc. But they were definitely more expensive than Target or Walmart at home. Frustrating! We were going to get a toaster and some other small appliances as well, but as I was inquiring to the market owner, a woman slipped past me and whispered (you want Flipkart for those things!). Turns out Flipkart is the Indian Amazon.com. It’s not as extensive, but a toaster, hair dryer, and an electric kettle cost just #35–about 1/3 to 1/2 less than what I was finding in stores. And no hassle and free shipping! Hurray!I may try to get our tv that way as well. I’m first going to see how this initial shipment goes.

Given Kaden’s diet of bread, french fries and water melon the past few days, I decided a trip to McDonalds was in order to get some protein in her. The McDonalds is very basic–old school McDonalds. Just a few items on the menu–all fried and NO beef. But there are veggie items–paneer (cheese) burgers. So basically, your choice is chicken nuggets, fried chicken sandwich, fried fish sandwich or fried cheese sandwich. There are a few small variations–a Big Mac is another chicken sandwhich and you can get the cheese or chicken with a tortilla instead of a bun. I also ordered French Fries, milk shakes and McFlurries. But no grilled sandwiches, salads, coffees, oatmeal, etc. There were a few other items on the kids meal including Mc Aloo Tiki or  a Pizza McPuff. Most likely these are both vegetarian items.

We did have some fun food tonight for a light dinner at our hotel, including a very fancy banana and orange plate for Kaden–so exciting that she went back upstairs for the camera. And we are really enjoying the “fresh lime with soda” drink that is offered in many locations. You can get it sweet or salty. Sweet tastes just like limeade. Salty is…an acquired taste! When I ordered a sweet version tonight, the kids sucked it down quickly and I had to get myself another one!