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Technologically challenged…


Since coming to India, I have had my technological struggles. We  had initial struggles to gain internet access and satisificed with a weak wireless connection that only works in the living room and only really works for email and browsing. Downloading a movie takes about 24 hours–if the system does not stop working temporarily or the power goes out. Yet, this wireless system is the only way to load information onto ipads and itouches–the devices that keep the kids happy during the hour long rides through traffic that we experience regulalry, let alone travel to other cities.

When not at my office (a half hour drive away) I use a data stick that is much like dial up access. Sometimes it is kind of fast, sometimes it is painfully slow. My last Skype session for work, I had to type in rather than talk since my voice was delayed by about 15 seconds.  Streaming video of any kind just does not work at all.

To watch movies on the TV, Todd ordered a DVD player off of Ebay that works with Indian electrical currents and plays any DVD (not just DVDS from the US but also the UK  and India–not all DVDs are alike).

When Todd, my technology guru, left India, all systems were working well. And Todd even got another DVD player from the US working as well.  In the past week, all devices have failed on me.

– The wireless tower in the area has not been working for a week–no ipad or itouch devices. Still waiting for the tower to be fixed. could take another week or two. (We are only here for four more weeks).

-The ipad itself froze and no longer showed videos for several days (until Todd walked me through how to miraculously fix it with a strategy that was not on any internet help board–I had already tried all of those trying to be independent!)

-The DVD players? broken. Both of them. The one just started manically opening and closing after power outages. The one from plays as a speed slower than it should so that the picture and audio skips.

-My computer? Well, the data stick keeps running out of $ because I have to use it as a sole source of internet. That was doable, until the laptop case cracked. The screen piece is only connected to the keyboard piece by one frail wire now. I have to prop up the sad, wobbly screen with a pillow to use it, even now as I type.

I am trying to be a trooper about this unfortunate set of events. It is encouraging me to read more books, that’s for sure. Screen time is certainly limited. I am ready to return home to the land of 3g. And to my technology guru who is in charge of solving these problems!