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Eating and playing in Paris


After our tour of two churches, we found some narrow winding streets to explore, including a cafe with a lovely view.

I had mussels, pomme frites, wine, and..snails! The snails were the best part of the lunch. The kids had pommes frites and baguette.



Afterword, we found a McDonalds. I had promised Kaden we could get chicken nuggets if we saw one. She wanted to see how they tasted compared to Bangalore McDonalds (thumbs down) and U.S. McDonalds (thumbs up). I continue to be amused by the range of McDonalds in the world. I have talked about the Bangalore stores before where beef is not served. The funny item in the Paris stores was the McBaguette.

Plus below, you can see that they offer the traditional fries but also deluxe potatoes. Plus some very fancy desserts!


We were making our way to the Jardin du  Luxembourg, but had to stop for sorbet. Kaden deemed the fraises (strawberry) sorbet to the be the best she had ever tasted at Dalloyau. And that is quite a statement.


The Jardin du Luxembourg is the second largest park in Paris. The French Senate is housed in the Luxembourg Palace. The place was designed to emulate the Pitti Palace in Florence.  It was touted as a “must do” for anyone with kids, and I have to agree.


Have a look at Kaden’s expression when she caught site of the amazing playground on site. You have to pay to enter the playground, but it is well worth the price.


This zipline was the main attraction for my older kiddos. They must have ridden it 30 times.


The climbers were also amazing. As were the sand boxes, the spinners, the slides. Plus immaculately clean bathrooms and a tempting snack shack (although I’m sure the Parisians have a much more dainty name than ‘snack shack.’).


Above, older folks were playing what looked like Bocce ball next to the playground. And below, we found this snack shack on our way out of the park. Absolutely amazing cotton candy–the size of their heads! They call cotton candy “barbe à papa (dad’s beard).” Kaden thinks that’s a disgusting name, but loved the treat.

McBangalore and longing for a Target


It was a day of consumerism. We need to furnish our apartment and have to buy everything from pots and pans to a hair dyer to bed spreads to silverware. Oh how I was longing for a Target or Walmart where we could get everything in one place.

Mom was very delighted with three bedspreads that we purchased at a Rajasthani shop–all with elephants. It took a good hour with pulling down all kinds of fabrics. We did pretty good on the haggling though. We threatened to leave twice and finally got her down to a good price!

We also found a kitchen store where we bought plates, silverware, spatulas, mugs, etc. But they were definitely more expensive than Target or Walmart at home. Frustrating! We were going to get a toaster and some other small appliances as well, but as I was inquiring to the market owner, a woman slipped past me and whispered (you want Flipkart for those things!). Turns out Flipkart is the Indian Amazon.com. It’s not as extensive, but a toaster, hair dryer, and an electric kettle cost just #35–about 1/3 to 1/2 less than what I was finding in stores. And no hassle and free shipping! Hurray!I may try to get our tv that way as well. I’m first going to see how this initial shipment goes.

Given Kaden’s diet of bread, french fries and water melon the past few days, I decided a trip to McDonalds was in order to get some protein in her. The McDonalds is very basic–old school McDonalds. Just a few items on the menu–all fried and NO beef. But there are veggie items–paneer (cheese) burgers. So basically, your choice is chicken nuggets, fried chicken sandwich, fried fish sandwich or fried cheese sandwich. There are a few small variations–a Big Mac is another chicken sandwhich and you can get the cheese or chicken with a tortilla instead of a bun. I also ordered French Fries, milk shakes and McFlurries. But no grilled sandwiches, salads, coffees, oatmeal, etc. There were a few other items on the kids meal including Mc Aloo Tiki or  a Pizza McPuff. Most likely these are both vegetarian items.

We did have some fun food tonight for a light dinner at our hotel, including a very fancy banana and orange plate for Kaden–so exciting that she went back upstairs for the camera. And we are really enjoying the “fresh lime with soda” drink that is offered in many locations. You can get it sweet or salty. Sweet tastes just like limeade. Salty is…an acquired taste! When I ordered a sweet version tonight, the kids sucked it down quickly and I had to get myself another one!