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Republic Day


Today is Republic day, so the kids don’t have school. We just drove past a very cute parade of school children in uniforms marching down the street as we try to make our way out of town for the long weekend. Traffic is crawling along, if that. Sigh. Maybe we will get to Mysore by the afternoon?

Yesterday the CIS school held a walkathon to honor three Indian charities—a Mother Teresa affiliated organization in Bangalore, Habitat for Humanity and one other charity that I can’t remember. The elementary kids had to come in green, the middle school in white and the high school in orange. A very cool photo was taken of the entire school as the Indian flag.

Kaden is on the far right of the green up toward the top of the green. Carson is in the middle behind the kid with his hands in teh air. They are both very tall for their classes so it is easier to find them.

The kids had to walk/run laps around the soccer fields. I though the elementary lap was wayyyyy too small. A mom had warned me about this—don’t pledge too much a lap! My kid ran 100 laps last year. Well that sounded ambitious, but I can say that Kaden ran the most laps in her class—33. Carson was not really wanting to do this activity AT ALL, but with some coaxing he ran about 8 laps total and then sat down and said that he was “done.”

Kaden is in the second row. Carson must be in here somewhere, but I’m not sure where.



   Carson’s teacher.

While I was there I got to head back to his class to read some of his stories. His teacher said that he is a talented writer. She’d like to work with him on his spelling, though. Ummm, yeah, in the U.S. seven year olds aren’t really focused on spelling yet. But if she wants to put some time in on it, go for it!


Carson said as he was reading his story, “I have to say ‘washroom’ in my story, not bathroom or no one will understand it here!”

 PreK setting up for a snack. So cute.

  The coolest playset in the school, says Carson. It is reserved for 4th and 5th graders but Carson gets time on it during cricket practice while the other kids are batting.

Overall, I find the school to be a really mixed bag. Beautiful facilities, small classrooms, diverse clientele, rigorous academics. But for the $ that these families are paying, I find the quality of the staffing to be very mixed. The head master doesn’t follow up on anything that I can tell. When Carson’s teacher was absent last week, they didn’t have a sub. They just gave the kids extra recess for most of the day, and so on.